Bartender Ireland

A Talent Selection and Recruitment Europe Center Hub “Apply+ Program” position:

Position ID: 251


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39 hours/week, 5 days work week, 2 days off

Salary: 18 euro/hour (2808 euro/month) + tips. How much is your overseas salary in your home currency? Please use the currency converter:

Terms of Employment: Permanent



LOCATION OF POSITION: Dublin (Dublin) / Ireland


  • be excellent in verbal communication and interpersonal relation skills
  • have a pleasant personality and be of good moral character
  • be able to communicate in English


Candidates with experience in Cafe industry and customer service industry are with priority.

  • Medical (including PPO, HMO, and HSA options), dental and vision coverage
  • Opportunity for free food and accommodation
  • Free visa and tickets

NOTE! All costs are borne by the employer. The costs of: issuing personal documents, visa photos, courier, etc., about 50 euros maximum – these costs are at the expense of the applicant, if approved.

There are no fees or commissions from the applicants.


Position ID: 251